Can the product be used by both men and women?

Yes, the Akhtar spray is a unisex product. Citrus has a long history of being used as a fragrance for both sexes. This is no exception – its subtle yet refreshing aroma is perfect for everyone!

Is this product only for gym/active people?

This product is suitable for everyone who spends a lot of time in their shoes or outside and would like to give their feet some freshness and relax. Whether that means you go to the gym everyday or you’re just busy walking back and forth from the office, this product will help you get the extra comfort you need. It’s also a perfect beauty case essential to bring on holiday with you!

Does it have to be used only before wearing shoes?

Not necessarily. It can be put on before wearing socks/shoes in order to prevent sweating, or afterwards to refreshen your feet and eliminate unpleasant smells and bacteria.

Is there a limit of daily sprays?

No, but 3-5 sprays on each foot should do the trick.

Can the spray be put on shoes?

No. It needs contact with skin in order to work.

How much time should I leave between spraying and putting on shoes?

From thirty seconds to one minute. Always use the spray before putting on socks.